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Dream Higher Printable

Everyone can appreciate a beautiful wall gallery, but once you add up the cost of all those those pretty framed pieces, it can start to get pricey. That’s why I've designed free printables for you guys. Whether you build a gallery wall from scratch or are just looking for a quick, fun update to your current wall art display, hopefully my printables will add some arts and words or inspiration. This week's inspiration is: Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean.   Click here to download Version 1: White Background and Black Lettering Version 2: Black Lettering White Background Version 3: Black with Gold Lettering Version 4: Gold Lettering Grey Background


Summer Resolutions

I've thought long and hard on what my official post would be. I want readers to be inspired to make a change and better their lives. Throughout this summer I've done lot of soul searching, I've come to the resolution that I wasn't living my life to its fullest potential. Meaning, I felt like I was meant for so much more than what I was doing in life. I needed to get off the train we call "daily life" and step in the terminal we call "living life".To be Domestic in Heels means having it all and maintaining it all family, love, career, and self identity. My life will be a 90% open book on this blog. This blog is dedicated to the search for balance and self discovery of myself and hopefully others.…