Summer Resolutions

I’ve thought long and hard on what my official post would be. I want readers to be inspired to make a change and better their lives. Throughout this summer I’ve done lot of soul searching, I’ve come to the resolution that I wasn’t living my life to its fullest potential. Meaning, I felt like I was meant for so much more than what I was doing in life. I needed to get off the train we call “daily life” and step in the terminal we call “living life”.To be Domestic in Heels means having it all and maintaining it all family, love, career, and self identity. My life will be a 90% open book on this blog. This blog is dedicated to the search for balance and self discovery of myself and hopefully others. I’ve always had a passion for learning and inspiring others to learn what life has to offer. From creative crafts with the kids, to destination travels, photography arts, beauty trends, cooking and self discovery. I want readers to live life by trying everything just once. We have all been given this precious thing called life, why limit our knowledge. In life possibilities are endless, the only limits you have are within your own mind.

During this summer I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I felt as if I was missing a big part of life. I felt as if my life was a bag of marbles, falling all over the place. Which is why I’m creating this post for a summer resolution. We’ve always done New Years resolutions, but it always felt like it was in the middle of the year. Towards. The end of summer people start to shift their focus kids go back to school, summer travels are over, and families move away.

These are my summer resolutions that I would like to complete by summer of 2016 and I will be blogging them as I accomplish them. There is a mixture of self-fulfillment, discovery, over coming, sparking creativity, and most importantly learning new adventures.

Hike 5 new trails: I love being apart of nature. I grew up in Washington state so being outside is ingrained in my dna. As a little girl my parents would take the ferry to go hiking in the Washington state hot springs park. It was a 2.5 mile hike my parents even brought my little baby sister who was still learning how to walk. Now a days I find my self inside more than outside. I am meant to be an outdoor pet and get agitated when I’m inside for too long.

Go on a photo walk once a month: I love photography! I find myself not enough energy or time to devote to using my dslr. I would like to devote 3 hrs a month to a photo walk and discover my creativity.

Maintain healthy eating: If you know me personally you know I’m a total foodie. As I live with the motto I will try everything just once well food is no exception. However, I need to start getting into a daily routine of eating healthy and getting creative with eating healthy.

Find a regular work out routine and stick to it: have you ever finally had the time to go to the gym, put on your work out clothes, hopped in your car, and got to gym and not know what to do with yourself. I’m the type of person who likes structure. I’ll start this goal using 30 day challenges and track my progress through this blog.

Help my family to start eating healthy: With three kids and a husband that has all different pallets. One wants pizza, another soup and another with burgers and fries. I live with the guilt of raising potentially diabetic children. I will start with a prep froze dinner game plan.

Organize my house: With having 3 children, a pack rat husband, and a full time job my house is starting to look like a episode of hoarders. I would like to start organizing my house one shelf at a time with the assistance of Pinterest.

Find alternative treatment for my older son with autism: Not only am I an autism mom of 3 small children but I’m also an autism wife. It’s been a long journey for me. All my children have varying degrees of autism. If you don’t know anything about autism know this, autism is not a one size fits all. It’s a spectrum with varying degrees, however a person who has autism has difficulties processing social que’s. I’m currently focused on my oldest who is further on the spectrum than my other children.

Decorate my house: I remember having my open house 7 years ago. Everyone who walked through it thought said it looked like a page from Pottery Barn. Now it looks like I had squatters living among us.

Take one self discovery trip: I’ve always wanted to take a self discovery trip. It’s always reinvigorating to take a small journey of self discovery.

Watch 4 classic films.

Go skydiving.

Decorate my house for Christmas.

Quarterly portraits for my children.

Make 12 YouTube videos.

Find a career that’s fulfilling.

Have a mother daughter day.

Use my cameo silhouette at least 15 times.

Teach my daughter how to sew

Teach my son a sport

Learn to smile at awkward moments



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